Grain Field Chickens Recipes

Delicious South African chicken meals for all season!  

Bookmark these chicken recipes for quick and hassle-free cooking. Grain Field Chickens recipes are carefully curated to suit your taste for authentic South African chicken dishes.

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Grilled honey mustard leg quarters served with pilaff rice

Grilled Honey and Mustard Chicken Leg Quarters served with Pilaff Rice

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Honey, lemon and thyme chicken spatchcock served with glazed carrots

Honey, Lemon and Thyme Spatchcock served with Glazed Carrots

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Spatchcock chicken bbq with Chili Onion Potato Sauce Recipe

BBQ Chicken Spatchcock in Chili Onion Potato Sauce

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BBQ Bang Bang Leg Quarter Wraps Recipe

BBQ Bang Bang Leg Quarter Wraps

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Simple oven braised chicken Quarters with Bacon and Mustard Recipe

Oven Braised Chicken Quarters with Bacon and Mustard

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Pot roasted cider vinegar chicken and creamy onions and spinach

Pot Roasted Cider Vinegar Chicken and Creamy Spinach

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Tangy lemon and spices chicken skewers

Tangy Lemon and Spice Chicken Skewer

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Portuguese liver pate

Portuguese Chicken Liver Pâté

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