Grain Field Chickens Product Range

Whether you are looking for IQF chicken prime portions, chicken Braai packs or fresh whole chickens, Grain Field Chickens has you covered. We supply frozen chickens, fresh chickens, and more value-added chicken products to retailers, wholesalers and restaurants.

From the farms of the Free State

Need we say more

Choose from our wide selection of chicken products:

Frozen Chicken Range

Grain Field Chickens’ food processing standards is one of the best in South Africa. Our Individually Quick Frozen or IQF chicken processing method efficiently packages our poultry products to preserve freshness and flavour.

Fresh Chickens

Our poultry farm in Reitz offers a rich, healthy, and stress-free environment for GFC chickens. We want our South African consumers to have access to nutritious and farm-fresh chickens.

If you are looking for a South African poultry farm that offers fresh chicken products, search no more! See our fresh whole chicken pricelist here.

Value-added Products

Serve easy-to-cook and scrumptious South African chicken meals for any occasion with our value-added chicken products. We offer marinated chicken spatchcocks and leg quarters, as well as Buffalo wings.

Our chicken recipes made with Grain Field Chickens products are a sure holiday hit!